5Essentials Leadership Development

5Essentials Leadership Development builds leadership team capacity to improve the practices that are critical to driving school improvement.

Levels of Support

Through a collaborative partnership, the 5Essentials team supports schools with 5Essentials Professional Learning and 5Essentials School Leadership Coaching.

Professional Learning

5Essentials Professional Learning develops networks of school leadership teams through collaborative data analysis, school improvement planning and other key school culture and climate topics.

School Leadership Coaching

School Leadership Coaching builds the capacity of the school leadership team through a data-driven, tailored, consistent, and embedded approach to creating sustainable school improvement.

5Essentials Professional Learning

5Essentials Professional Learning includes three types of supports:

School Improvement Series

A six session series over two years designed to help educators analyze their 5Essentials data within a cycle of improvement and apply the data to coherent school improvement plans.

Targeted Development Sessions

Training on evidence-based strategies for improving school performance on specific 5Essentials Measures, such as Student-Teacher Trust and Collaborative Practices

On-Site Support 

School Culture Inquiries designed to assess the on-site conditions necessary for school improvement, as well as learning walks and cross-site visits focused on specific areas of opportunity. 

5Essentials School Leadership Coaching

Through leadership coaching using the 5Essentials, UChicago Impact supports school leaders in building the critical skills, knowledge, and capacity to be effective leaders of school improvement. Coaches support leadership teams through a tailored, consistent, embedded, and data-driven approach to creating sustainable school improvement.

Although the nature of our support depends on the particular context of each school, our coaches support leadership teams through four ongoing actions:

  1. Providing feedback to leadership teams on key priorities and focus areas during coaching sessions.
  2. Designing, planning, and facilitating support for school structures, school improvement plans, protocols, agendas and professional development.
  3. Co-observing classrooms, team meetings, and common spaces to support the development of key school improvement practices.
  4. Creating progress monitoring tools and analyzing data.

Coaches use the key actions detailed above to engage leadership teams in a continuous improvement cycle. This cycle reinforces short-term and long-term process of analysis, planning, implementation, evaluation, and adjustment for all school improvement priorities and action steps.



Leadership Development Results

“The coaching and professional development have helped keep clear goals at the forefront and have kept me from placing the big picture work on the back burner while I attend to the 1,000 daily pieces that divert my attention. The time and support to create a strategic plan and to evaluate it mid-course is invaluable.”

“Our leadership coach has helped out tremendously with thinking through a plan for ILT, including using the data from 5E[ssentials] to set goals and priorities for our school. He has provided great resources and helped to facilitate meetings. He has provided me feedback to improve my facilitation of meetings and garner support from staff”

5Essentials Leadership Development Results

  • 63% of coaching partner schools improved their overall 5Essentials rating or maintained their “Organized” or “Well Organized” status
  • 84% of coaching partner schools achieved growth on one prioritized 5Essentials Measure that outpaced the district’s growth on the same Measure
  • 67% of coaching partner schools in the Chicago Public Education Fund’s Summer Design Program improved their Effective Leaders score. Average growth on Teacher-Principal Trust was 9 points—while the district overall saw zero growth on the same measure.  

According to a recent survey of our partners:

  • 85% of partner leadership team members strongly agreed that their UChicago Impact School Leadership Coach is critical to their ability to grow as a successful school leaders
  • 74% of partner leadership team members strongly agreed that UChicago Impact School Leadership Coaching helped them improve prioritized areas within the 5Essentials framework.
  • 100% of partner leadership team members strongly agreed or agreed that positive changes in the mindsets and practices of administration and/or staff have resulted from coaching and support provided by UChicago Impact
  • UChicago Impact received a 95% Net Promoter Score