6to16 is a college-readiness curriculum and set of online learning experiences that give students the beliefs, knowledge, skills, and support to successfully complete high school and college

How 6to16 Works

6to16 consists of a college-readiness curriculum, and a set of online learning experiences that give students the beliefs, knowledge, skills, and support to successfully complete high school and college. 6to16 begins in the sixth grade and provides students the support to continue through middle school, high school, and the four years of college (16th grade).

To succeed in life, students now need not just a high school diploma, but a college one, too. And yet, the vast majority of urban public schools in the United States fail to provide students with the expectations, academic preparation, or social support necessary to make it to and through college. Let’s change those expectations.


The 6to16 model consists of a college-readiness curriculum, which includes in-class lesson plans and online learning opportunities. The power of 6to16 resides in the implementation of its Theory of Action: Belief, Path, Readiness, Connect.

  • Belief: The student will have an informed belief in his/her ability to graduate from college. He/She will be committed to this vision.
  • Path: The student will know the process for getting into and graduating from college and demonstrate that she/he is on that path.
  • Readiness: The student will know, develop, and demonstrate the skills and competencies for success in high school, college, and beyond.
  • Connect: The student will exercise agency and ownership over his/her educational process and identify and access social capital to support his/her goals.


6to16 is administered through a combination of online and offline formats, and activities are both student- and teacher-led. The program capitalizes on the way students connect to each other, to schools, and to community organizations by leveraging social capital through personal student support networks. It does this by providing:

  • An early introduction to college readiness. 6to16 begins high school and college planning with students as early as grade six, and supports students though college graduation or grade 16.
  • A middle and high school structured curriculum and online tools. 6to16 equips districts, schools, and classroom teachers with a comprehensive 6th- to 12th-grade curriculum to deliver to students. The curriculum includes lessons that strengthen academic preparation and lead to efficacy in pursuing current and future educational goals. The curriculum includes a suggested set of core unit plans per grade level and extensive supplemental touch points that can fit an classroom. Units span up to three 45-minute class sessions per week and typically are taught as part of a graded course purposed for college readiness. 6to16’s online platform provides access to information and tools that help determine which high schools and colleges are the “right fit” for an individual student’s potential.
  • Online social learning focused on college readiness. 6to16 harnesses the power of technology to support student success. 6to16 enables students, to enhance the curriculum learning through a web-based portal featuring real-time interactivity, college selection-focused exercises, and a wide range of multimedia tools to guide, map, and celebrate student progress.