How We Work

By coupling rigorous education research and fundamental education practices, UChicago Impact® works to empower educators to use research and actionable data to improve practices that promote positive student outcomes.

Grounded in Research

As a unit of the University of Chicago Urban Education Institute, UChicago Impact® tools and supporting services are derived from knowledge culled across the UEI’s applied research efforts, teacher education program and the day-to-day operations of effective schools.

Focused on Innovation

Using the latest research on what schools need and want, we create and refine our tools to ensure student success. From the 5Essentials, an evidence-based system designed to drive improvement in five essential components of school success, to Cultivate, a research-based survey, resulting data, and reporting site that helps educators cultivate the classroom conditions necessary for students to learn in a positive environment, we create tools and products that respond to the most pressing challenges in education.

Built on Partnerships

UChicago Impact partners with schools to implement these system of supports. We view the schools and school systems we serve not simply as clients, but as partners in school improvement. Impact’s expert staff and consultants work closely with schools in the learning, refining, and mastering of evidence-based practices, all while gathering insights from school partnerships to strengthen our work.

Driven By Results

At UChicago Impact, we’re focused on applying methods that evidence and research show work in improving student outcomes and building school capacity. UChicago Impact supports districts by developing practical solutions that balance a mix of tools, supplements, and services to ensure school success.