Q&A: Tim Knowles on Making Education an Evidence-Based Profession

Education Week: Interview with Pritzker Director of the University of Chicago Urban Labs, Tim Knowles, on UEI's work in improving education

"UC turned to Tim Knowles, another guy that raises the average IQ in the room when he attends a meeting. I met Tim in Boston in the 90's where he served as Tom Payzant's deputy in what was America's best run urban school district.

Since the last time I visited Tim, he's created the best example of a university-based school improvement engine, under the umbrella of the University of Chicago Urban Education Institute(UEI), with four high functioning units:

1. Rigorous applied research lead by the University of Chicago Consortium on School Research;
2. Developing urban teachers and leaders through the University of Chicago Urban Teacher Education Program;
3. Four campus K-12 network called the University of Chicago Charter School; and
4. Powering national school improvement efforts with innovative tools and learning opportunities UChicago Impact."—Education Week