STEP™ Assessment Kit

The STEP™ Assessment Kit is a toolkit developed by Tony Bryk and David Kerbow along with other researchers and educators at the University of Chicago’s Urban Education Institute.

Each STEP™ Assessment Kit is designed to work with the online STEP Data Management System and includes:

  • STEP assessment manual that outlines the developmental components assessed in STEP and provides clarification on administration and scoring procedures.
  • Two equivalent series of leveled student books (30 original books that correspond to the STEP leveling system) and assessment forms matched to the books.
    • Having two series allow for clean reads when students are assessed at the same STEP level more than once.

**Kits are available in English and Spanish**

Please note: If you do not yet have a signed agreement with the STEP team for STEP kits, access to the Data Management System and/or training, your order will NOT be processed at this time. To request additional information or if you have any questions, please contact us at If you are having trouble seeing or using the order form, you may contact STEP directly to place an order by email.

STEP Assessment Kit for Literacy Development